Improve the quality of your products with coated tools.
The problem:
– Cold welding on tools due to aluminium- or galvanised sheet steel
– Stainless steel folding parts that need manual repolishing by hand (ferritic abrasion)
– Striae and scratches on the sheet
– Tool wear, tool maintenance

Our solution:
Westermann24 offers a metal based coating which comes to only a few thousandths of millimetres in thickness but is harder than steel, wear-resistant, chemically inert and has minimal friction. This coating is the final production step.

– Lower coefficient of sliding friction
– Extended lifetime compared to hardened and grinded tools (no cold welding)
– High abrasion resistance up to a micro-hardness of 3000 HV Vickers (in comparison to a case-hardened tool which has 60 HRC/Rockwell = 715 HV/Vickers)