Fixture – Shear cutting of roof tile profile

Herstellung Scherenmesser Sonderanfertigung

Up until now the roof tile profile was separated by hand using the “Flex”. The profile cannot be cut to size on a conventional Guillotine. The profile contour is not a uniform one, and not captured in the drawing. The profile is supposed to be cut with low cutting pressure.
Westermann24 provides their customers with a complete solution. The profile is measured and the cutting sequence of the shear blades is constructively determined.
Westermann24 produces a precisely guided fixture which guarantees a cutting gap adjustment of 0,01mm. The stable design even makes cutting multiple sheet layers possible. The fixture is operated by a workshop press.

Herstellung Scherenmesser Sonderanfertigung02
Cutting sequence

Herstellung Scherenmesser Sonderanfertigung03

Cutting gap adjustment